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Winner of Mother’s Day Mini Session 2018

Back in April, I offered for my audience to nominate one of their friends to win one, 20 minute mini photo session with me!

When I chose the winner, it was a no-brainer! Thank you Stacey for nominating such a beautiful woman; inside and out!

I feel it’s so important to uplift your friends, no matter who they are, how far away they live, or what they’ve been through. It was very clear to me, from the start that Elizabeth deserved this.

Elizabeth and her family moved to Mountain Home AFB, ID back in September. She was 8 months pregnant with her third baby! After some serious complications, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl but was left with dangerous infections leaving her hospitalized and in shock. About 8 surgeries +, a cancer scare, and other health issues later, she remains a full time college student and mom.

Here is just some of what Stacey said in her nomination for Elizabeth. ” I don’t know many people who would still do schoolwork hours after a major surgery and hooked up to a bunch of wires. She’s a rock star of a mom. She’s had a really hard 6 months and through it all she’s never once complained and never lets anyone down. She refuses to be anyone’s burden and has gone out of her way to help others.”

“She’s never once complained and never lets anyone down…”

Today, she had every reason to cancel on me and complain. I honestly can’t say that I wouldn’t have, had I been in her shoes. She was in the hospital again last night, her car was pushing the limits, and it was a rainy, cold mess of a morning. SHE STILL SHOWED UP! Looking gorgeous and brought her game face to knock this session out!

Lady, I applaud you and all that you accomplish every single day. You are strong, daring, brave, and intelligent. You keep yourself together even when I’m certain you’re in pain. Don’t stop reaching for your goals. You are a goddess; a force to be reckoned with. An empowering woman leading a glorious brood. The happiest of Mother’s Day to you!


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2 thoughts on “Winner of Mother’s Day Mini Session 2018

  1. Esther Porras says:

    Beautiful!!! And yes , she is a fighter, and an amazing woman, wife, and mother.. Hats off to you Elizabeth, so proud of you!!!
    Beautiful pictures SavannahWortham!!!! ESTHER PORRAS

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