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To The Photographer In Me 10 Months Ago…


We’ve come so far, Me, Myself, and I. I’m proud of our work.

Just starting any “new” skill is pretty scary, but we didn’t take it to heart. In fact, I love that you jumped right in with your head held high, hell bound and determined to make a business for yourself, with no team attached, and no obligations to anyone or anything except yourself and your clients. While this seemed to be new again, we explored this option in middle school as a creative elective and the words of discouragement we got when we expressed that we’d enjoy this as a career (you know the ones that keep strutting around our mind when we feel poorly about our work?), they will bring you down. Keep going. Keep sketching ideas, writing poems for the conceptual pieces you want to share with the world, and be proud of every piece especially when it doesn’t come out the way you see it in your head. Not everyone will understand the concepts behind them, but someone, even if it’s just one person will appreciate it for what it is… Art.

You’re going to experience a lot of indirect bullying from other photographers because the skill you’ll love and refine most will be photo manipulation and that seems to scare a lot of conventional photographers. Maybe it’s because you like the bold colors, the fairy-tale like feel to the images when they are done, or just the lively aspect of them; regardless, don’t let it get to you when they say your work is “over-done”. Over-done is better than barely touched and we both know you’ll put your all into this.

If I could go back and tell you, I would. Indoor photography and event photography… girl just don’t. Natural lighting is our forte’ and we don’t need crazy expensive lights to get great shots indoors, anyway. But avoid places with no windows. We looked like a fool and the pictures were probably the worst ones you’ve ever done and that’s including the images from our little point and shoot. Yes, it was that bad. People moving around and not respecting your space as a professional, annoys you more than you’ll realize when you offer to do them. It’s not anyone’s fault, but at least you tried to put yourself out there and that’s what matters.

If I could tell you one thing about this experience that I wish I had known since day one, it would have to be that pricing is not everything. Stop worrying about it. Change it, and change it again to suit what YOU think you’re worth when the time is right. Your time IS valuable, too. Start acting like it right away or you’ll be taken advantage of.

Lillie is going to be your model, and it may seem like all you enjoy doing is taking oodles of pictures of your daughter, but you’re still getting your feet wet in this business. When people point it out, tell them you pay her with love and stories and then offer if they’d like to model. Not only does Lillie love helping you, she will have awesome pictures to keep her spirits up during her recovery after back surgery. Do not be ashamed of having too many photos of her, no matter what anyone has to say.

You will care too much, feel like you should give up the camera and work as a house wife; pssssh, we know that wouldn’t go well. When you care too much about what someone else’s unwanted opinion, or if you start to feel like you should sell that camera that you and your husband worked so hard for, you remember that you were made to create and do and accomplish so much more than just being a “mom”. You are a mom, but that should NEVER be the only thing that defines you. You are also bright, intelligent, worthy, passionate, creative, continually thriving. YOU ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER, BLOGGER, ARTIST, and no one gets to say otherwise.

The mistakes helped us learn, the triumphs helped our confidence, and the moments of uncertainty, they helped us grow. Do not regret anything.


All rights are reserved. Do not use my images without my permission. Inspiration for ‘Mermaid in a Bottle’ came from rafy a. 

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