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My Editing Styles!

I’ve been working diligently on a few of my favorite styles that I enjoy the most for editing. Below you will find my “non-composited” editing styles as of now. I am always re-editing, changing my mind on the things I like, but I wanted to give my clients options for their own photos.

So, if you trust my editing, that’s great! But I know some people look for specific styles and that’s ok, as well!

When you book with me, I will be asking you if you want to choose your images that you want me to edit and if you’d like to choose how I edit them.

If you tell me yes to the latter question, I’ll direct you here to this post and you just let me know which style you like best!

A few things to keep in mind when looking at the following images:

  1. These do not have any sort of skin retouching, sharpening, or fixed (things I do work on in editing your gallery but chose not to do for these) in anyway outside of showing you the editing I do for color and textures.
  2. The style you choose could be altered in some form for your own gallery just due to lighting from the session we do. If it doesn’t look up to your standards the day I deliver the images, I will keep working on them until you are happy with it.

With that said, here are the styles! I named them after some princesses and terms related to princesses because I just love them.

This is an SOOC or Straight Out Of Camera collage that I made of pictures my wonderful husband took the middle of last year when he wanted to practice with my camera for a bit. SOOC means that I did not alter them in any way. They went straight to the computer, straight to the editing program to be put in a collage and have my watermark on it but that was it.

So, original images and colors in this!

This style is called Snow White. I love the slight matte but vibrant colors it has. It took me 13 days to get this style down. It turned out great! Perfect for the moody lovers who also enjoy a pop of color.

This style is called Sleeping Beauty. It has a bit of a peachy undertone for the skin and still a slight matte and lots of beautiful colors. I accidentally did this edit trying to fix the skin tones for Snow White and ended up loving both.

This style is called Pocahontas Vibes. Its a bit moodier than the other two, but I love the earthy tones I tried to showcase in this style.

I call this style Glass Slipper. It reminds me of that dreamy Cinderella look.

Like an apple this style is named accordingly. Crisp Apple is that classic pop of all the colors and no matting.

This is Bright and Light. No matting and a bright aspect to the backgrounds and lightened skin tones.

I had to include a Beautiful Black and White. I always have trouble getting the contrast and highlights right, but I think I got it!

So far, these are my current styles and will be for a while. I will update you all when I change them. Of course if you have digital masterpieces created through me, I do other editing styles for those and these do not apply to them. But for classic portraits, family pictures, maternity, etc these will be the ones to choose from.

Which is your favorite?! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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