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How I Became Interested In Photography

Most people ask me how long I’ve been taking photographs and my answer is always from the date I started actually charging for my work; which will be 3 years this November. However, my journey began when I was about 10 years old -17 years ago.

The summer of 2002 was a long one; I was going through changes, my little sister had just been born, there were no neighborhood kids I particularly enjoyed hanging out with, my brother had his own group of what I thought were odd friends, and I found myself going on adventures around the block by myself. I developed a love for crafting in the school year prior to this summer, so scrap booking became a huge interest of mine. I don’t know if it was to help keep me occupied or keep me staying some-what of a kid still, but my mom thoughtfully bought me some of those disposable cameras, stickers, paper, a photo album to call my own, and gel pens. Thus began my love for taking photos, as terrible as they were. 

I started with pictures of my cats, neighborhood cats, stray cats, shelter cats… I had a thing for cats. They seemed to love the photo sessions, too. 

This is from 2012, but I couldn’t find any pictures older than this. This is baby Pearl.
Most recent photo of Pearl, today.

Years later, I took my mom’s unused digital camera and discovered the motion aspect of hair flipping. I must have made my little sister (who to this day remains one of my favorite models, aside from my own daughters) jump off of chairs and beds for the mid-air art of motion, over a million times. I wish I could find those photographs, now. 

The older photos pretty much looked like this, only with some terrible flash and shadowing, and definitely not edited to be a fine art composite. This photo is from May 2019.

Flash forward to today, and my love for movement, creative angles, compositing, new ideas and making fun memories with clients has not changed. The process has a bit and every single day I continue to grow and learn a little bit more. I have never loved work as much as I do today.

I’m happiest when I have complete creative control over the images I take.

Baby leave gave me a lot (and by a lot, I mean a litttttttle too long) of time to think of new composite ideas, series, and ways to execute my creative plans into the images I see in my head. I am so excited to work on them and squeeze in some families, children, and pet sessions in between. 

Bring on the Fall and Winter sessions!

Leaf Photo Credit: artifexa

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