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Fun Summer Photo Ideas (and you don’t have to be a professional to take them!)

Now a days, photography is used by everyone. We have access to it on our phones, tablets, computers, even game consoles -not to mention digital cameras, mirror less, and point and shoots. So, I thought, why not make this list of fun summer photo ideas, that anyone can partake in!

I would love to see what you come up with! You can share them on social media and use the hashtag #summerphotofun and I’ll check them out.

  1. Water Fun

This is probably the most popular summer activity requested in my house. “When are we going to the pool? When are we going to play at the splash pad?” I take full advantage of the water fun theme when it comes to taking pictures. Even our dogs, featured is our husky Ace, enjoy the wonders of the water and there are so many cool shots you can get, even using a phone.

Even the rainy days can be fun! Get creative!

2. The Light

I love the golden hour! There are so many cool shots you can get during the last minutes of the day.

3. Speed

Be careful, obviously, doing this photo idea. Please use common sense and let the professionals stick to the speeding aspect, but there are a lot of cool photos to capture with this category. This image was at last year’s air show at Mountain Home AFB, ID.

4. Nature

The natural world around you holds so many opportunities for beautiful photos. Practice with it; it’s unlimited to you.

5. Fireworks

Again, please use caution doing these kinds of photos. Lots of cool shots can come from watching these beautiful pyrotechnics from afar, though!

This is a list from a lot of our favorite activities. Many others could be like bubbles, refreshments, travel.. the list could go on and on and on. I hope you enjoy taking photos for yourself this summer! Also, don’t be afraid to share them with your friends. Plus you make memories to last.

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