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Family Sessions

Family sessions hold a special place in my heart! So many times I hear how Mom doesn’t get to be in a lot of the images with her family because she’s busy being the photographer in every day life. I FEEL YOU 110%. *cough cough, husband of my own* So, when I get to photograph her with her beautiful family that she helps raise daily, I always get so excited!

I’ll be honest, I waited until my daughter was 18 months old until we had our first professional family photos done. I am so sad that I didn’t do them sooner and more frequently to have those memories on hold for a lifetime. But life happens and that’s ok! As a fellow military spouse, I also know the importance of family pictures on the spin of a hat! Deployments, tdy’s, pcsing… it all makes things hard to get pictures done, but I will do the best I can with as much time as you can give me to get your pictures done!

Family Mini Session/Option 1:

This is a 20-30 minute session for $80.
You’ll get 5 images on an online private gallery; all hand edited with a print release.
These are perfect for families with smaller children (ages infants to 3 years old) since their attention spans are shorter.
*Limited to family of 4 people*

Family Session Option 2:

This session is 45-60 minutes long for $150.
You’ll receive about 10-12 images on an online private gallery; all hand edited with a print release.
This is for families up to 8 people.


Travel to locations outside of Mountain Home or the base do require an extra $35 (within an hour distance) more for longer travel. 
If you need a session for more people it will be an extra $10 per person for the session.

Important Information:

I do require a $60 retainer fee to schedule you; this is non-refundable. This fee comes out of the package price and the remainder of your balance is due at the latest by the day of the session. You are welcome to make the session payment in full if you wish, before then. 

I am usually pretty flexible if you need to cancel, but I will not allow it after 3 cancellations. At that point, I believe it’s a waste of everyone’s time and will require another retainer fee to schedule you again. This will also be non-refundable. 


I do have a referral program! I have changed it to refer 5 friends, get 30% off your next session! I have cards with your name that your friends must give me at the time of their session so you get the credit.

All images used on this website are property of Savannah Wortham Photography. Unless you are the client in the image, you have no right to download, distribute, or use these images in anyway.

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