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Beautiful Weeds

I never got to share these beauties a few months ago, and by a few months, I mean back in October. The end of October was so crazy for my family and it just started to calm down and get back to normal, so I figured I would share these with you all.

I had a family session that also turned out equally as beautiful and on the way out of Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise, by a pond, just as the sun was starting to reach that golden glowing hour -I saw these along the bank. I’m sure they are weeds of some sort, or part of a bush that flourishes during the summer, but either way they captured my eye and I had to snap a few images of them glistening in the beautiful light.

Golden hour is one of my favorite times of day; especially for taking pictures of people. I love the warmth it gives the skin tones, and the catch lights the eyes have. It just makes for gorgeous photos. Just keep in mind, if you ever plan a session with me, I will offer that hour to you -just because of the reasons above.

I am thinking of putting all my nature photographs up for sale on canvas’. Let me know in the comments below if you’d consider purchasing one, or what kind of nature photograph you would actually invest in. All feed back is appreciated!

And another one for good measure. I hope you enjoy!

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